Thursday, September 02, 2004

ummm updates on me ~

the ebay purse didn't sell but i didn't think it would but now i'm ready to put the ol' Recyclopes up.

Yesterday, I was on the Channel 10 News for the DuBois Freecycling Network I started. Wow, I had no idea I was such a dork until I saw myself on the telly.

And fuck the media. How'a bout I talked on camera for at least 7 minutes and said MANY INTELLIGENT comments, facts figures and do you know what they did?

They blurped me saying the stupidest shit. Do they like making environmentalists look flighty & "out there"? well, if so, lol ~ they did a good job. I'm going to order a copy from the station so I can have a good laugh at my silly ass again.

The Freecycle Group did get 14 new members from the airing so whooppeee!

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