Saturday, July 31, 2004

Happy Birthday to my little guy ..... He's 2 !! This Sunday we will be celebrating as naturally as we can with a small birthday party! The birthday cake will be made from scratch and no artificial colors or flavors! The Pinata will be filled with toys and "real" candy and these fun crafty pom pom balls that are going to fly everywhere! It will be fun!

Blue's Clues dominates the favor boxes ~ a bouncy ball, a cup, stickers, along with some Cracker jacks and chocolate covered raisens - all natural.

What we do for our kids - of course - my kid is the only one there with the mama who gives a crap but maybe we can help educate!

Cherico Reunion this weekend too! Thank god I took Monday off - I'll need it to re-coop and go to a class on Raw Milk....

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Recyclopes ~ Environmentally Inspired Art Envelopes

oohhhh ~ check out MY RECYCLOPES

finally ~ i'm done with this recyclope site - it hasn't been announced yet - so feel special for the sneak peek!!

once again, if you didn't catch the link 2 inches above this one ~ Recyclopes ~ Environmentally Inspired Art Envelopes
WOW ~ I"M SO FREAKIN BUSY My poor deglected blog....soon it will end up just like my disappearing journal - you know a real tangible one like they used in the old days?

Last week, I literally walked into a PT job that is totally cool. Of course I have Natural Me, but I've always said I'd love a job that I could take Ayden to...well now I have one at WIC Care Stop! Another perk is I have a beautiful Natural Me Breastfeeding & Pregnancy table displayed there too. Hey you know how much I love plugging my site!

I'm going to be doing a web page for them under my server and have loads of other ideas to help bring in more business for Care and Natural Me! We definetly need it....arrrggghhh.

Karma Kards are booming!! of course I don't make squat from that -
actually I'm 200 bucks in the hole from the shipping, hemp and printing costs - I put the donation button up and a few 'Sponsers' have donated a total of 30 buckeroos! so i'm really only 170 in the hole now ~ hahaha. i'm tired so I've mistaken my ramblings for humorous.

I'm also starting a local DuBois karma kard string - i need to recruite this week and dig up the cool folks - i know they're out there....

Sunday, July 11, 2004, spearmint, lamb's ear, aloe vera

and drying lavender, mint, basil, anise and lemon balm

Lots of Dirt Time today!!

Friday, July 02, 2004

My work day begins at 2 am... sad isn't it? The only time to get concentration time is when I should be sleeping. Whatever works!

This week I mailed out over 560 Karma Kards!!

Check out these babies!

So the postage kicked my ass & am hoping some of the karma kard participants
help and donate to the shipping fund. I'm talking even a dollar! I really want to keep it
free - but I'd also like to keep it free for me too ~ :o)

Oh well, I'll keep doing it to matter what. It's doing a lot of good for a lot of people.

On another note - I got 14 more of my neighbors to stop spraying their apartments with
pesticides!!! Yeah ~ that's less chemicals in our neighborhood! It's great to see the
"Chemical Free Family" signs on all the doors! I'll have to scan one to put up here.
My mama's so proud of me for my environmental ways :o)

I also finished the DuBois Down To Earth Garden Club's website at

Check it out here!!!

And now i'm going to add a few more finishing touches to the upcoming
Natural Me Recyclopes section!!

Desenvolvido por EMPORIUM DIGITAL