Friday, September 30, 2005

Great Day at Parker Dam!!
parker dam pond

Mommy, Daddy & Ayden spent the afternoon at our local state park and WE HAD A BLAST ~ a nice quiet relaxing outdoor and full of negative ions to rejuvenate our souls kind of blast!!

We took a nature hike and collected acorns, colorful leaves, little pine cones and say many dragon flies and a really big spider. We took home the goodies from the woods and made a collage. Ayden also discovered moss!

Sissy Salsa!!!


The fans love it but personally I think it's a little weak ~ too sweet ;o)
Pretty proud of myself for successfully canning for the first time!
I think I over-boiled the jars though, I was waiting for them to seal in the water but they don't seal until they come out of the water and start to cool and then ~ pop ~ they seal and you have canned :o)

Friday, September 23, 2005

Whatcha Eatin'??

Just went shopping and I'm stocked up on all of my favorite things:
Ginger Brew
Organic Applesauce & Yogurt
Smart Bacon!!!
Lots of fruits & veggies

There are lots of essentials too:
Rice bran for Ayden
Fresh stock of homemade salsa (on top of Brita water)
Ready to eat cut-up watermelon
and did I mention Smart Bacon!!!

I'm IN LOVE ~ the salty greasy fake meat ~ so sinful ~ so wonderful to indulge in... I know, I know....processed soy foods are a poor excuse for getting your protein but what's a Veggie to do??

NO WAY am I eating this...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Huh. Canned Hunting in my back yard. Rathmel Run
Who knew? Well actually my girl Jan from the DTEGC ~ she told me about it a long time ago when I feature the Stop Canned Hunting website in a Fun Note Ezine. I didn't even know this place existed even though I had passed a sign for it a hundred times....

Hunting is serious business in western PA ~ just ask my uncles.
I think if you do eat meat, wild meat is typically healthier
than factory farmed flesh. I guess. Of course, I'm not sure if hunting preserves use antibiotics or hormones. I bet they use some hormones ~ to get those Big Racks that the guys & gals pay Big Bucks to shoot. Seriously, check out the prices!

If you've never heard of canned hunting or hunting preserves,
here's a website with more info on why they suck.

So, to end this post with something that doesn't suck at all and is quite wonderful,
check out my newest, most favorite musicians:
Follow No Trends

Be sure to listen to their music stream from the website.
They are AWESOME!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Can I just get the shits and Get it over with?

That was my mantra yesterday as I enjoyed nasty intestinal cramps all day! I'm feeling so much better today because last night I DID have the grand finale to virus or bug my body was fighting off. Pleasant. I know...but I felt the need to share.

Now my next health hurdle to overcome is figuring out if my body is harboring WAY TOO MUCH YEAST. I just did a saliva test and it's looking like I'm yeasty. Weird because I don't get coochie infections but I have a lot of other yeast symptoms ~ coating on tongue, build-up on scalp, itchy butt, lack of energy, sensitivity to chemical smells and I am prone to getting fungal skin infections.

Yeast Overgrowth will be this weeks'
Fun Note Ezine if I ever get it started!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Auuuggghhh. I'm sick. I feel awful. I have this
icky thing going on inside of me ~ with major cramping plus a sinus/throat thing. The plan is to shake it by noon today. I have way to much stuff to do like getting the weekly ezine out and then recording a few posts in the Natural Me Fun Notes Audio Blog ~ Ezine Article Archive

I just want to skip everything and hide in bed but a Mama just can't do that with an ambitious 3 year old running around. So anyways, yesterday Ayden got his picture taken and he was SUCH A HAM ~ over posing and really having a good time with the camera. He was so cute! I gave him a haircut the night before and he looks so grown up without all his wild curls ~ I'm hoping they come back!

Ayden & Mommy MISS Daddy!!


Aren't they just too damn cute? I love it how Ayden closes his eyes just like his Mama ~ dang flash! So Daddy started working on the road back in July and it's been hard on everyone. It's tough not getting to see eachother and I know it's killing Daddy not to see his little guy everyday. Ayden's adjusting to only having a weekend dad and I'm impressed with his understanding of the concept of "daddy going to work". When daddy comes home, Ayden get so excited & overwhelmed with happiness sometimes he gets tears in his eyes from smiling so hard. It's sweet.

Thursday, September 01, 2005 - Harrowing tales of loss emerge in Katrina's wake - Aug 31, 2005

Katrina ~ Katrina!! What did you do?

I am overwhelmed with sorrow. Oh my god - this is so aweful.
Why isn't there more help? These poor people....

I was watching some video clips on CNN since I don't get cable
& haven't seen anything and this man who lost his wife Tanya because
their house split in two and he couldn't hold on to her....

And the reporter asked him where was he was going and he answered
"I'm just lost". My heart just broke ~


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