Friday, August 29, 2008


So I thought I planted a cucumber plant, but this is most definitely a damn squash growing up my bush.  Actually, it looks like a gourd.  A damn gourd.
Gourds are great - don't get me wrong.  I was just hungry for cukes.


I absolutely adored my sunflowers this summer and so did the bees!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Right along the stinky lake surrounded by duck poop.
Whose idea was this?



My Genius

Oh how I adore him.

Spoiled Much?

Although it may appear I've gone over the edge serving my little girl's bottle on ice - it truly was for a good reason.  We were both so sick last week and I wanted to make sure she had something to drink (other than off of me).  The night's are long and milk is well, milk.  And I didn't want it to spoil so on ice it was!
Thanks Grandma for getting her this Think Baby Sippy Bottle - free of phthalates & PVC.
Happy to report that Elaine is over her cold although Mommy is lagging behind miserably.  Why does my immune system always go to shit when I'm pregnant??  No fun.

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