Friday, January 30, 2004

The breastfeeding "keg stand"'s really great to breastfeed your little one past a year. You know the added health benefits and all that's cool but it's totally entertaining as well! Ayden has a new thing I like to call the "ninny stand". I hope I don't have to worry that this means he's going to be a frat boy and be the king of keg stands but he seems to enjoy trying to drink upside down. I'm so thankful that he still nurses & we co-sleep. on these DRY DRy dry winter nights, mama's milk helps keep the nasty cough at bay.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Breathe...try not to cough....Breathe...try not to cough.... wow, do I hate being sick. For starters, a "mama" isn't allowed to rest and then, when I'm sick I go mentally blank and forget to remedy myself. So the sickness & the self-neglect & nobody leaving me alone .... is a miserable combination!
With a cough & sore throat, Hot HERBAL TEAS, warm salt water rinses, hot garlic soup & steamy baths with essential oils of ginger, tea tree, thyme & wintergreen are a mama's best friend!

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Blogging Infidelity... Sorry Blogger, I messed around with Live Journal a bit today. I am so ashamed. It was nothing, I swear! It'll never happen again - You're the one for me.....

Saturday, January 24, 2004

T.V. SUCKS ~ ~ Ok, I am so sick of the news and tv shows like 20/20 and 60 minutes portraying environmentalists like crazy loons! This one show tonite was using 1982 video shots of protestors screaming silly things like "We are breathing our last breaths of oxygen!!" to represent people who were against DDT and the Trash Epidemic .... ok then 20/20 ~ let's help support stereotypical behavior some more....shall we? Yes, all us crazy ass tree huggers who care about the environment are running around with our faces painted warning people at the top of our lungs to enjoy the last of the oxygen. yep. that's us. oh and that obnoxious reporter that jumped into the NY Hudson river to show how safe it was - I guarantee he went home and took a very long hot shower with tons of soap.
~ ~ Sleep tight everyone ~ the T.V. assures us ... EVERYTHING IS FINE.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

BLUE VINYL ~ Have you seen this documentary on vinyl production yet? wow - people need to see this! Thinking about putting vinyl siding on your house - you won't believe the negative impact your pretty little house is having on the environment, polyvinylchloride plant workers and the ground water! Take a look at: Blue vinyl . org

Monday, January 19, 2004

Sweet Carrot Juice memories... What a precious day I've had with my little one. I never want to forget how it's like to kneel down and really SEE Ayden. Be in that moment....

There are two loves inside you ....

One has been with you since the beginning of you. Call it your soul, your heart, your home .... it's the YOU that is always there to catch you from "life".
Close your eyes mama and breathe .... You are not alone.

Feel the precious life growing within you. Your baby has love for you already .... soon you will meet. And in an instant that lasts one else will matter except for the miracle you hold in your arms.
Your family is born.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

WOW!! I didn't log on ALL day! and it's after midnight so this doesn't count! I love it when you clean all day and it actually looks like it. I did some rearranging - trying to make my shoebox seem bigger.

My sweetie is hackin' his chest out downstairs so I just whipped him up some Aromatherapy Chest Lube of Thyme, Eucalyptus & Ginger in some goey stuff and I hope that shuts him up.

Update on my babe Ayden ~ his eyes are looking great but then today he was pulling on his ear and screaming so Mama had to whip out the homeopathic remedies, vitamin C, and homemade garlic oil which I put in his ear and rubbed on his feet. He wouldn't go for the warm cloth to his ear or the heating pad so my bare chest worked well and I held him all afternoon til he feel asleep for a long nap. And then he was ok. I am a miracle worker! I just hope the miracle is still kicking tomorrow.
I have a new friend!!!yyyyeeeeahhh. I think that puts me up to ...... 4 ? ok, so I haven't officially met her yet in person, but do you really have to physically meet a person in order to call them a friend? I hope not because then that brings my friend count WAY down!
So it turns out my new mama friend, Beth, and I have a lot in common. We both graduated from the same school, and both are into attachment parenting ~ co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding, no vaccinations. The no vax is a rarity here in western PA so it's real cool to find a mama who thinks for herself and isn't just brain washed by the highly advertised business of vaccination.

It'll be great to have a local mama! but right now, I'd like to give a "shout out" to my long distance mamas ~ Liz from NC - love you girl & give Skylar a kiss for me and the mama who gets ALL the daily Sadie updates whether she wants them or not ~ Lacey from OK - girl you rock! "I will call him squishy, and he will be mine."

I will only give future "shout outs" by request so if you feel you need a "shout out" from me ... give me a shout and I will shout you out.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Natural mama went to the un-natural doctor....yes, I felt like I had to. I was reading about conjuctivitis online and how it could spread to the surrounding tissues with a worse infection and I got a little scared when Ayden eye started to get puffy so we went to the doctors... (lucked out and got a nice lady instead of Dr. Jerk) (but she still was a bit neurotic about insisting on a tetnas vaccine) (not for the eye but for future living). We got some drops even though she wanted to give him an oral antibiotic too ?? I said we'd start with the drops because I know he would (and has) respond well to them.

Ayden's 17 months old and never had an oral antibiotic yet! He is also still breastfeeding! He is such a rebel. GO AYDEN!! Mama loves you!!

Monday, January 12, 2004

goo-ie little guy's eye is looking a bit irritated tonite and he had 2 eye boogies so I hope he isn't getting conjuctivitis or an infection. I will be ready with the warm compresses of either fennel, chamomile, eyebright or goldenseal
Besides giving him Vitamin C, I will take a few mega doses myself so my mama milk can be loaded with it too.
I'll try my best to remedy that kid naturally so we don't have to make a trip to our jerk doctor - I really need to find a new one but in western PA, they are all about the same (totally un-educated on anything but pharm-meds) and god forbid someone would prefer using something natural from the earth that is compatible and designed for this natural earthy body we have.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

ohh hey there....oops. I forgot I had a blog ~ I suppose I should post a little something in case I have any blog visitors....I am busy redo--ing my homepage...trying to make it more user friendly. I would love to find a herbalist or natural minded person who wanted to write articles. It's hard to do all the things I'd like to with a little one hanging off your boob ALL day.

Ok, I'm going to get productive....

Thursday, January 08, 2004

I feel too young to be sending a sympathy card to a peer... An old school buddy of mine died this week in a car crash - he wasn't wearing his seatbelt - damn it Eric. This wasn't a friend I kept in touch with but it is still very sad to know I'll never run into him again. "Z" and I shared a semester of astronomy that was so boring! We had the driest monotone speaking professor and in combination with the reclining planetarium chairs, it was almost a guarantee that we'd fall asleep in class - just to laugh about it as we stumbled out of class. If it wasn't for him, I would have definitely dropped that course. Thanks Z.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Hold on to your childhood memories...I'm not talking about what your favorite toy was or how your grammie got you socks & underwear for christmas every year - but it's great when you can remember a specific moment exactly like you experienced it the first time *sight*smell*feelings* and seeing it the way your young eyes did.

I remember running around the house in the summer and seeing the green grass move so fast below my bare feet making grayish silver motion streaks in between the blades of green.

In my bed, I also remember how fun it was to get under the covers that seemed to have some electrical reaction with my PJ's and watch the sparky light show that was generated from me rubbing my pj's on the blanket or just moving my legs * i was an olympic static electricity swim champ * zzzzzzaaaaapp.
*thanks maystar* for giving 'don't hate me' a sweet little face lift with your graciously free template
*girl you rock*

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Staying up way too late & attempting to design -n- re-create web pages has a weird effect on dreams. Last night, it was a Swahelee version of the Matrix meets the Cosbey show. The night before, my whole dream thought process was written in HTML code and everyone had to write and speak in code......Have trouble remembering your dreams? Try supplementing with vitamin B6 to help with dream recall.
i am thinking i should've made "blogging daily" my news years resolution.



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