Wednesday, July 20, 2005

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Damn. What a crazy day! I'm not even sure where to begin! The emotions were just running high today ~ I laughed, I cried, I burned with fury and I even found some cool stuff at G.W.!

By the way, G.W. is my fancy way of saying Goodwill.

So my fury... Today I went to Sarvey Insurance in DuBois to pay my auto insurance for the Natural Me Shuttle and as I am handing the lady my check I see my son playing with something on the floor ~ now this is just right beside the chair in the waiting area.

"Stickies" he says. "What's sticky baby?" I ask.

Here my son, my ALL NATURAL ME CHILD, is sticking his fingers in a chemical ant killer and pressing this goo between his pointer & thumb looking perplexed at the way his little fingers stick together and the look of anguish on my face.

My heart sinks - You know how hard I try to keep the chemical exposure down to a minimum - We are an organic family - I am a Natural Mama and this is a HUGE deal to me. Not cool.

So I grab Ayden away from this sticky thing on the floor and firmly ask the office people IF that was an ant trap and they reply with a dull "Yeah."

In response to their lack of interest in the goo all over my son's fingers, I loudly spout off "Do you always leave chemical pesticides laying around for children to play with??" and I barge my way to the back of the workers area without asking to
use the break room to thoroughly wash his hands.

I am so mad at this point for their careless placement of insecticide that I storm out after I slam-grabbed my receipt from the counter. (You know what a slam-grab is right?)

I tried to continue on with my scheduled errands but I was so over-whelmed with feelings of anger and violation of my child's health that the emotional tears drove me back to the insurance office.

I was furious. I didn't want to have to deal with these negative emotions all day and I needed some closure so I made another apperance in the office that was not so happy to see me again.

I felt they needed to see an upset mother and to realize we are not all kosher with chemicals everywhere for our kids to be exposed to and I wanted to SEE THE BOX. I wanted to know what actually got on Ayden's skin and if I should be worried or not.

Well I can report that they were fairly attentive to my needs at that moment and found the box for me to inspect and actually made a copy of it and let me inspect the ingredient list.

Which I am HAPPY to say (for their ass & also my son's) that it was mostly borax based. Now I say happy because it could have been A LOT WORSE. I'm just trying to be positive here.

I'm sure they thought I over reacted but I am SO SICK of local business owners filling their offices with chemicals and you don't even know it. Is it right for their consumers to be exposed without them knowing it?

I remember working across an H&R Block tax place and watching the Eulrich Pesticide Professional Poisoner go in there almost every week! (another reason i'll keep doing my own taxes!)

Anyways, My tears today.... Well besides crying after I left Sarvey Insurance, a sad thing happened to my best friend today ~ She was in a car accident where a guy on a motorcycle smashed into the back of her van. It was aweful!
I know since I was coincidentally 1/4 mile away when it happened and was able to get there to be with her.

My friend is really sore with an inflammed disc & whip lash and the motorcycle man (with a history of speeding & reckless driving) was life-flighted to Pittsburgh. We are all hoping he is going to be okay. I am so glad my best mama friend is okay and did not have her kids with her in the van when this all happened.

For all you motorcyclists ~ WEAR YOUR STINK'n HELMETS!!
They really do make a difference. (okay mom! keep yours on when you are riding that hog!)

And believe it or not, in between all the crazy shit, I saw a lot of beauty and grace today and kept my sense of humor threw it all.

Lovin You.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

HELLO!! Just a quickie to say I'm still alive ~ crazy weekend so far!

I was planning to attend the WV Rainbow Gathering this week but I bailed out from lack of funds and a uneasy feeling in the gut.

Turns out when we listened to our *guts* ~ sometimes it works out for the best. I'm glad I stayed....

I love you Duane & I hope you feel better soon!

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