Sunday, November 11, 2007

Buy something from me! I'll plant a fucking tree!!

Really? I've been to so many websites this week toting the phrase "For every blah-blah, we'll plant a tree!" And I couldn't help but wonder if these eco-biz-folks are really digging up some dirt planting trees??

So I actually clicked a link today to find out more and it looks like they are getting some international tree planting website to vouch for them. I dunno. Seems like everyone is jumping on the eco-bandwagon and pulling tons of green shit from their asses just to get more sales.

If you want to plant a goddamn tree, then plant a fuckin tree because you want to - not because someone purchases one your handmade *eco-friendly* bags.

And if you're going to promote that people in India are planting your commercialism funded save the fuckin earth trees..... then I hope you've racked up a few carbon points, flown there and seen for YOURSELF that those green fuckers are being planted.

Thanks for your business.

Have a nice day.


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