Tuesday, April 08, 2008

All Natural Me dot com has be reborn again.  Very interesting look this time - Have fun with this one!
Enjoy the day!
Sadie from allnaturalme.com
Just watched The Secret....Law of Attraction....who knew!

If you're reading this, I guess I must have attracted you here.

What Is The Secret

An amazing message with an amazing cast too. My favorite was James Ray and upon visiting his website, he also promotes an eco-friendly Green Team. Where the hell is that thumbs up smiley face guy.... They were all good with so much inspiration and words of wisdom - Thoughts become Things sticks in my head now.

You can see All the folks I thought were great here I wish I would've known they were already listed there instead of me watching the movie 2 times to get all their names. Ahh, what the hell, good things deserve being watched twice and I do need practice with remembering peoples names. And just for the record, if this mama had the time - I'd watch that puppy a third time.

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