Monday, March 05, 2007

I got the tie hook up!!

Thanks to my local Freecycle for this fat donation of men's ties.

I have some ideas to use the neckties for the straps of tote bags - so we'll see!

If ever created, of course they'll be sold at All Natural Me!

Snippy - Snip -

New bangs for Sadie!

I thought I'd mix up the straight-across snip with a little angle and center point.

I like-y.

No More Soap Slime!!

I love using an all natural bar of soap in the bathroom but I hate how one side of it gets slimy!

Here's the solution:

Glass pebbles in the soap dish - for drainage!

No more gross soap.
We've been cartooned!

La familia is doing great. I'm getting super huge - the cartoon really is not exaggerating!

Ayden's been filling up his 4 year old schedule with dance class, swimming lessons, play dates and homeschool field trips.

Today we toured the Postal Headquarters in DuBois - which I should really put on his blog along with hundreds of other pictures.

Honestly, there really is way too much shit on my 2-do list!!

Much love!


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