Sunday, January 08, 2006

How Much is That Doggie in the Window?

Well it didn't happen like that but we are officially dog owners!


Meet Tubbie! When I rescued him he was nothing but a ball of fluffy hair infested with fleas, ear mites and no concept of house breaking. The cute little shit-zu looking thing was a peeing machine ALL over my floor.

Hey I DID want to start cleaning more....

Now a week and over 200 dollars later, Tubbie is doing great and looks a lot different. He got a very short haircut from Doggie Styles in DuBois to get rid of the fleas. I let her use flea shampoo and then do another wash with regular.

Ahh...this dog has totally screwed up A LOT of the Natural Me Stuff I'm going for - He used un-natural products, got a vaccination for rabies so we could get him licensed, took a wormer, got chemicals in his ears and let me tell you, he does not eat like a vegetarian.

I will try my best to get him on the path to being a *natural me doggie*!!

Tubbie is making leaps 'n bounds in his house training - I take him outside a lot especially after he naps, eats or has an exciting playtime and when we get outside, I tell him to "Get Busy" and that's his cue to pee or poo.

Hey, doing that along with using a crate at night and when I leave are working super fast in hopefully someday bringing back my living room rug! It'll be a long time before we have that trust but we are definitely enjoying the little guy who I guess is a mix between and Labrador Retriever and a Lhasa Apso. Yes, it's an interesting mix isn't it!?!

So I'm not getting ANYTHING else done but we're having fun! If you want to hang out with The Tubernator ~ Look him up on

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