Saturday, December 10, 2005

Return to My Inner Bitch

Wow ~ My last half 'a dozen posts have been so positive and happy - it was like I had forgotten how to point out all the BAD and NASTY CRAP.

Well, I have awaken at 3 am just to release....

This Week's Biggest Bitchings!!

New things that confirm we ARE in the age of darkness:

1. Our local pharmacist....And probably all pharmacies.

My man has not been feeling so great so he decided in suggestion of his doctor, to try a conventional prescription. I said "okay honey" but thought, "you aint gonna like them fool" and so as the story goes, he tried them and the Rx did NOT agree with him at all.

So he went back to the pharmacy with his minus one pill bottle of 30 pills to see if they would take them back or what he should do with them and do you know what that pharmacy lady told him to do?

"Just flush them down the toilet."

???? Just flush them ???? Down the damn toilet ???? Are you serious? These pills practically made my man hallucinate and just Flush Them Down?

Oh. Okay. Fuck the water supply.

2. Schools getting rid of chalk boards.

Someone sneezed and now the blackboards have to go. Schools everywhere are "upgrading" to dry erase white boards instead of the old school chalk 'n blackboard combo.

Schools without chalk and erasers..... so sad. I remember volunteering in grade school to go outside with the classrooms chalk board erasers and *slap* them together to get all the chalk dust out. We'd bang them all the sidewalk and the brick wall too under the breeze way at the little catholic school.

But that was before the new breed of kids came into the population who are allergic and asthmatic to everything in the air. Now as the overly-sensitive *outta control histamine* crew continues to grow, the chalk boards have to go.

So that all sounds "better" doesn't it. Well, as an environmentalists - no - it isn't. For a quick comparison: Chalkboards can be reused again and again with very little waste ~ erasers last forever, chalk is packaged in little cardboard boxes and the board itself can be washed off with plain water.

Dry Erase on the other hand although reusable has more negative features ~ the markers are chemical, packaged and created with plastic and the white boards must be cleaned with a chemical cleaner to get the marker off and keep the board looking fresh.

Great. We're removing a little dust from the school but adding more chemicals. That's educated.

3. L'oreal Sponsors Ovarian Cancer Research.

I happened to catch a glimpse of Extra today (you know the show that's up celebrity's asses all the time). Well, they were covering a story about L'Oreal and some chics from Desperate Housewives and some other models that were being so commended for their support in sponsoring more research in the avenue of women's cancer particularly ovarian cancer.

Oh wow. What great people. And what a good laugh too.

Honestly, dozens and dozens of studies are coming out on the connection of phthalates and cancer and it's estrogen disrupting factors and L'Oreal!?! is sponsoring ovarian cancer research? (i literally can't stop shaking my head) Now if you're not shaking yours, it's because you're not up on the knowledge that phthalates are not only found in plastics but COSMETICS as well.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm thinking L'Oreal is NOT on the phthalate-free list of chemical-free beauty companies. I'm pretty sure they are not so I guess I'll just have to be sickly amused by the irony of it all. Nothing like good un-biased research taking place.

4. Don't Worry - I'm done. Really, isn't that enough for one day? I've been doing so good not screaming at everything....

Breathing in, I am feeling calm.

Exhaling.... I smile.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Who is Isabella??

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