Thursday, August 18, 2005

Why do we have so much stuff??

I have been freecycle'n my butt off trying to
get rid of all the stuff I have in my little place.

In the idea of Fung Shui ~

Everyday I walk around my home thinking
"what can I give away? what don't I need anymore?
what doesn't make me happy? do I really want that?"

Sometimes my place just seems INSANE to me!


I have a 3 year old, a messy man, a website biz and my
natural clutter tendencies to *fight* with on a daily basis.

So a few month's ago I borrowed a book from my local LLL group
called the Flylady (?) on how to get organized & declutter.
it was sorta a over the top housewife book but it
did have several good ideas that have
helped me get more motivated and aware of my "hot spots"
(areas that clutter up fast) and how to defuse them.

and then I started to read a bit up on Fung Shui,
moved everything around and
now my place is looking pretty good but I am still
actively trying to attain simplicity, organization &
just have less stuff.

this week I went threw my shoes and I have 6 pairs
waiting to find new homes via Freecycle.
it's crazy ~ i'm literally scared to go threw my clothes.

What is it about us that we cannot part with our stuff?

I've narrowed myself down to a few *excuses*:

~ I think I'll need that at some point
~ I can reuse that and create a ______ with it!
~ So & so gave that to me.... isn't it special?
~ I'm saving that stack of papers for reference....
~ I should really save that for my kids.
~ It still works - I can't just toss it.
~ That was expensive.


And I really need some wisdom & insight on my clothing issues.

I live in western PA and we have all 4 seasons to the extreme
so every few months, the weather requires a different dress code!

but seriously folks, please motivate me to downsize.....

Loving You Urban Environmentalist!

Sadie from Natural Me

Sunday, August 07, 2005

independent play
What a beautiful day to discover a measuring tape. It's been a great week for independent play ~ sometimes we get too busy running errands and participating in playgroups that Ayden doesn't get enough down time to get a chance for creative play to kick in.
When we are at the Natural Me Play group or at a friend's house, there is so much stimulation that it's just a wild *fun* time and sometimes the craziness turns Ayden into a wild boy who gets a little too rough and doesn't listen to his momma.

My son does well with lots of quiet playtime, educational activities and structure. I need to get us back into our routine so that he can blossom & be sweet and start listening to me! I'm going to try to do all the errands after our Natural Me Playgroup on wednesdays ~ which will now be known as WILD WEDNESDAYS. I think we will do better and get more accomplished to have one all out crazy day than to do over stimulating errands & playdates everyday which throws off the entire day & thus the entire week!
Yum Yum. Mum's in the kitchen again...

Wow do I love to make bread! It fulfills my need to create, to provide healthy food for my family and I love the stress relief that 8 to 10 minutes of kneading does for me!!

Someday I'd like to try an Italian bread recipe but it requires almost 20 minutes of kneading so I will save that bread for a day that I'm really pissed off at the un-natural world!

Ha ha ~ who me angry? Never!!

How do you like my kitchen table?
I love growing plants in water ~ self sufficient!
I'm not sure what is that white spot on the bread? Who knows...I must've ate it.
This loaf didn't last long!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Happy Birthday My Little Extended Nurser!!

Today is my son's birthday ~ He's three!! We have been celebrating ALL weekend. His party with all his little friends went well ~ and my ALL NATURAL fudgey chocolate cake was awesome and tasted pretty good for breakfast too!

Ayden got lots of educational toys from his friends & family: guitar, power touch, bongo drums, penny flute, workbooks and LOTS OF LOVE!!

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