Tuesday, August 24, 2004

eBay item 6703442523 %28Ends Aug-31-04 06%3A33%3A15 PDT%29 - Small Buddist Purse from Bali Hey take a peek ~ my first Ebay post ever!

Yes i've been running from ebay forever - cursing them out that their company's made enough money and that they suck. but my personal boycott hasn't shut them down so if you can beat them, ebay with them.

So look at the Purse Listing that I'm "testing out" Ebay!!

Friday, August 20, 2004

Peta Tv is brutal...and so are we.

watch the videos above and feel shitty like i do...

i am feeling guilty for the turkey sub i had yesterday.

not to be an ass, but i'm quitting meat cold turkey.

lol wow, i'm a funny girl.

i didn't even watch all the videos- i couldn't - and i'll never have to watch them again but i'll remember them forever...

duane didn't eat any meat today either. he wants to see some on cows so he can be mentally sickend for resistance from the Big Mac. the pigs break my heart.

so here are some meat alternatives if you're changing teams - check out the freezer section at the grocery store and at the health food store - they make meatless "chic" patties, "grillers", nuggets, sausage, corn dogs, hot dogs, portabella burgers, veggie burgers, Boca Pizzas & burgers - and most of them taste pretty damn good.

My favorite is Boca Spicey Chic Patties - it's good with ketchup or ranch

rice & beans are my dish of choice - together them make a complete protein

at the grocery store them might have ready made indian bean dishes...

a good bean dish is to make a big pot of tomato based thick "stew" of chopped carrots, some green peppers, a few potatoes and a can of kidney beans - be sure to add some salt & pepper - simmer that til veggies are cooked and put over rice.

I remember once when my vegetarian mother cooked Bacon especially for me cuz I wanted it and my vegetarian little sister FReaKed the fuck out and I was a teenage asshole and was oinking when i ate it.....later that night, Betsy drew me a picture of a sad pig and wrote "you killed me"

I still have it somewhere....

Saturday, August 14, 2004

My Recycling Addiction

As I'm staring at my counter top full of 25+ rinsed, de-labeled white #2 plastic milk jugs....

It occurs to me that maybe, just maybe, I have a recycling addiction. So I counter~act my thought process with a "but how could I let them just throw them away???" And of course, I reply to myself with an " [sigh] I know...."

So yeah. I lugged home all those "expired" milk jugs from Care Stop so I can drag them to the recycling bin because I can't stand for shit to just be thrown away ~ it's ridiculous.....or am I??

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Wow ~ I have been cutting all night ~ go little hands ~ GO hey we all need to be our own personal cheerleaders at times!

Tomorrow's agenda NEEDS to include a sending out a Natural Me Fun Note newsletter, finish gathering the Pro-Breastfeeding propaganda for the WIC open house next week and eating coleslaw.

And a morning walk to the park & carrot juicing & cleaning...

Man ~ the day of rest is going to be busy ~ I'm hitting the sack!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Straub ~ take me away....or at least my headache.

wow. This no sugar, no salt, no preservatives added beer is tasting wonderful. I really need it after my long 4 hr shift. Hey - with a 2 year old ~ it's the equivalant of a 10 hr shift!

Tonite when I was vacuuming (a half of beer and I can't tell if that's spelled right?) I was very appreciative that I had put dried herbs and essential oil of ylang ylang in the sweeper bag ~ It makes for a pleasant chore as the aromatics are expressed along with all the dirty dust mites.

Have a good nite!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004


So Blog Hop said it so gracefully on their site....

"Swearing is the crutch of inarticulate mother fuckers."

Now that is sweet.
I'm officially a WAHAWAWM!! I'm a Work At Home And Work At Work Mom!!

Care Stop is going good - WE NEED MORE CUSTOMERS - so I can still have a job! lol Ayden's been getting more comfortable there and able to throw more 2yr old fits!!

The b-day party & reunion were totally exhausting ... and fun. The kids loved the pinata & blue's clues favor boxes.

So I took Monday nite off to go to the Raw Milk Class & they cancelled it - reschedualed for next week combo'd with a vegetarian class - but I don't think I'm going to make it. Arrrrgggghhh.

Okay, I"ll quit bitching and get back to work....


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